The pebbles on the beach are infinite in their number and variation – anonymous, indistinct.  However, heart-shaped stones are to be found too amongst the other formless shapes upon the shore. 


All have been eroded by a lifetime of sand and waves but the heart-shaped pebbles have harnessed the erosive powers of life’s experiences and have allowed the tangible expression of their inner love and light to be revealed and to be seen. 


The waves have merely worn away the excess layers of fear and exposed the truest image of their beauty within. 


These soulful pebbles are sought after, attracting the spiritual beachcomber and they emerge distinct from their fellow stones, who lie, confusing in their shape alongside them on the beach. 


There are those amongst us who have allowed the turbulent erosions of life’s experiences and our responses to them to decide our shape and form and leave us beached, spat out and defeated on the shore… the choice, however, is ours to make, knowing that we are not alone.